This year, we are looking forward to two lunar eclipses occurring in 2022. The first of the two eclipses will take place in about a month from now, on Sunday, May 15th.

For us here in Maine, this will be a prime celestial spectacle since we are a part of the half of the world that will get to see this event take place. Along with North America, South America, Europe, and Africa will also get to see the eclipse.

When to Watch The Maine Night Sky

So when should we look up to the skies? Get ready for a five-hour nature program that will begin around 9:30 PM Eastern Time and wrap up around 2:30 AM on Monday, May 16th. The peak of the eclipse is scheduled to happen just after midnight, at 12:12 AM Eastern Time.

This full moon will be called the 'Flower Moon' and will reach its full-moon peak at about 12:14 AM, nearly the same time as the eclipse peak.

Astrology's Meaning of Lunar Eclipses

According to, lunar eclipses are signs or symbols of change, particularly quick-shifting changes that may create quick endings or initiate quick-moving beginnings. Keywords for lunar eclipses seem to center around the words 'chaotic' and 'dizzying', so brace yourself for this upcoming lunar eclipse.

2022's Second Lunar Eclipse

This year we will have a second eclipse. Having a few lunar eclipses during the year is typical. The next lunar eclipse we will have to be patient for since it will take place in November, Tuesday, November 8th, to be exact. At that time we'll have perhaps brace ourselves for more swift changes as this final lunar eclipse wraps up our year.

For more information about eclipses, check out NASA's web page about lunar cclipses. Happy eclipse gazing!

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