A five-year-old boy is being credited with saving the life of his neighbor when the man's Rockport home caught fire on Monday.

WABI-TV reports the boy alerted his parents when he woke at around 3:30 Tuesday morning and noticed a glow coming from next door. That 'glow' turned out to be a fire at his neighbor's mobile home.

His parents called 911 and then went to the man's house, where they found 64-year-old Bruce Fales lying in his driveway on Vinal Street. They helped him into his car to stay warm until an ambulance arrived. Fales was taken to a local hospital and then transferred to a Portland hospital, where officials told TV-5 that he will recover.

Firefighters said battling the fire proved challenging because the man had a sloped driveway that was very icy. Residents are reminded to keep their driveways and entrances clear of ice and snow and to sand often.

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