Thinking about living in Maine during the winter? Well, you've been warned...

Your Winter Photos Will Be Too Perfect

Your out-of-state friends are going to get jealous by how incredible Maine looks with a fresh blanket of snow, and who wants that? Winter pictures that look like postcards? No need for filters on your photos of a snowy landscape? Beautiful backdrops amidst falling snow?

Way Too Much Skiing and Snowboarding

The fresh powder is going to make you want to take a sick day so you can go hit the slopes. You've got just too many options from Lost Valley to Shawnee Peak to Sugarloaf, so it will be oh so hard to decide where to go, too. Sounds stressful.

You'll Have a Hard Time Deciding Which Maine Beer to Enjoy by the Fire

According to the Maine Brewers' Guild, there were 89 breweries as of Oct. 31, 2016. That's a lot of beers! Imagine how difficult it must be deciding which great local place to choose from. And then imagine once you find a brewer, which of the many delicious types of beer you'll have to sift through before you settle on one while lounging next to a roaring fire. Tough stuff.

The Holidays Are Just Too Festive

With so many holiday light shows, tree lightings, and holiday events seemingly at every corner, there just winds up being too much cheer in Maine during the winter. And the mesmerizing display of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens is so incredibly colorful, you'll probably want to go back again because it truly lights up the holidays. It's like a magical winter wonderland for the holidays.

You'll Want to Stay for the Other Seasons

Once you're enjoying winter in Maine, you'll also be sitting around looking forward to the state's other seasons. The beautiful spring, the fantastic warm summer, and the crisp fall are just around the corner. Basically, you'll never want to leave this great state in any season!