Getting out and enjoying the sunshine, warm temperatures and greens of summer is happening now throughout the state of Maine.

If you are the kind of person looking for a change of scenery from your usual paths, want to mix it up with a new experience. Of, if you just need a daily dose of forest bathing then we have 40 trails picked just for you that fit all of the above right close to home in the Bangor region.

We compiled a list of 40 trails for you to visit that are 20-ish minutes from Bangor. Perhaps you need a running spot for a lunchtime workout or want plenty of options for weekend hikes throughout the walkable season. Whatever your reason, we wanted a list that is convenient to get to on a lunch break or find a way to "get away" quickly without much hassle or room for creeping laziness.

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These trails can be found on, a great resource for anyone looking for an adventure all over the state of Maine. This website is great for any kind of outdoor activity or skill level. Find summertime hiking areas, wintertime snowshoeing places, easy trails and hard trails in locations near and far throughout the state. You can search by many criteria and locations with great info on each location on the map so you know what to expect before your next adventure.

Check out the 40 trails available in and around Bangor, especially selected for convenience and close proximity to the Queen City. Recharge and take in the nature areas close to home or even in your back yard.

40 Trails Within 20 Minutes of Bangor

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