With warmer weather so close, it's easy to day dream about the outdoor adventures we'll have this spring and summer. Maine's natural landscape is an incredible place to explore and you don't even need to go far to see some of the most stunning sights in the state.

Maine has many waterfalls across the state. Some are short trips, others are for the more experienced hiker, and some you can swim under for the most incredible summer cool-off spot. Here are some of our favorites.

Have you been to a Maine waterfall that isn't on our list?

Step Falls

A short hike to a fabulous place to swim and slide down waterfalls in the summer. We had never been here and were thrilled to find it, promising to come back with more family.

- Ipswroo, Trip Advisor User


Smalls Falls

This series of cascading falls along two streams is quite beautiful, and I'm always fascinated by the brave (or foolhardy) daredevils who jump from the surrounding cliffs into the pools below.

- Holly W., Trip Advisor User


Moxie Falls

An easy short walk to one of nature's most lovely creations? I'm down. You should be too. Wear nice, grippy shoes and be ready to take lots of photos. Personally, I have to come back during the summer so I can prance around in the river. Looks like a blast.

- tanyewest, Trip Advisor User


Screw Auger Falls

The falls are awesome, cascading gently down the Bear River into huge, deep rock formations from the Ice Age. They pick up speed as they race down the extremely deep part and the sight and sounds are amazing.

- vermontliskat, Trip Advisor User


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