There's nothing like a great Independence Day in your hometown.  You see your friends in the parade and enjoy a great day with your family eating and sharing new memories.

YouTube has a treasure trove of our local hometowns celebrating America's favorite holiday.  Check out these videos of Maine towns celebrating their Fourth from 1948 to 1999.

It's fun to compare what your little town used to look like then and what it looks like now.  It might not look too different but it may look very different, depending on your Maine town.  You can also look for relatives and see if the camera caught the face of your Aunt or Grandfather.  I was looking closely at the Millinocket video because my mom's side of the family was from there but, nobody looked familiar.

Do you see anybody you know?

Millinocket 1975

Lubec, 1982

Whitefield, 1999

Eastport, 1948

Is there a YouTube video we missed of your town's parade from Yesteryear?  Share the link with us and we'll put it in the article!

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