Kyle Cordy is a 30-year-old sperm donor from California who claims to have fathered 47 children... and has more kids on the way.

His controversial decision to donate may be affecting his dating life.

According to the Mirror, the biological dad is expecting 10 more little ones this year and says that although he has no regrets, he is struggling to find a girlfriend and have an opportunity to start a family of his own.

According to the news outlet, prior to his donations, Cordy's dating life was "average." He dated fairly often but was unable to find a long-term relationship.

However, after deciding to be a donor, the only people sliding into his DMs these days are women looking for someone willing to give them a baby.

"As soon as two years [after donating], I got more attention as that's when I was actively donating more," Cordy told the Mirror. "I had a few successful pregnancies, so I started receiving messages on my Instagram from women, which I was really surprised about."

At first, Cordy "didn't think so many women would be interested, as most of them had money and could easily go to any sperm bank."

"However, after hearing their reasons, most stated that they wanted the option for the child to see their biological father," Cordy explained, adding, "Unfortunately, most women aren't interested in dating me, though."

The supposed soon-to-be-dad of 57 children fears his decision to be a donor might scare off a lot of women, but "if a special lady comes along, I'd be happy to indulge."

"I have accepted my decision to donate sperm, but I've realized that dating may never be the same as it once was for me," Cordy shared.

"It is possible I could settle down and start a family of my own, but it would take a very special someone to accept me for who I am," he acknowledged, adding, "I think discussing my sperm donating early on in our relationship is best, as she will more likely understand the situation."

While looking for love, Cordy has embarked on a "sperm donation world tour," meeting his children in person.

"[Despite the impact it has had on my dating life], I feel great having helped so many women start families, and the joy I receive from doing this, is the best feeling in the world," Cordy told the Mirror.

Cordy first donated sperm when he was 22 and estimates that over 1,000 women have asked for a semen donation from him so far.

Since most of his marketing has been through word of mouth, Cordy now shares updates on social media, posting photos of his children under the username @kylegordy123.

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