If you own a business and have been considering taking on a project to button things up at your facilities, you may want to check out this new program Efficiency of Maine has to offer.

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Jirapong Manustrong

For years, Efficiency of Maine has been providing Maine folks with a number of ideas and resources on how to weatherize their homes and buildings to make them operate more efficiently.

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But now they're taking that a step further, and offering their expertise to businesses who want to take on efficiency projects but aren't quite sure where to start.


According to their website, they will now offer free "Virtual Consultations" to help businesses create plans to become more energy efficient.

And when things run more efficiently, you get more bang for your buck, and can potentially save money overall. Not to mention, some of the projects could come with the benefit of a rebate.

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Efficiency of Maine is in the know about all of those little nuances and is hoping to help local businesses find ways to keep more of their profits through energy efficiency.

"Some of Maine’s smaller businesses also are benefiting from Efficiency Maine’s incentives...Humble Comfort Food and Spirits in Brewer worked with Efficiency Maine to upgrade the restaurant’s heating, cooling, and lighting. Humble installed two heat pumps that both heat and cool, and also upgraded from fluorescent lighting to LEDs. With the upgrades, the business has reduced energy costs by about $200 a year."

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To set up a free Virtual Consultation, it's pretty easy.

"Commercial and industrial businesses interested in assessing their needs before starting a project can sign up for a virtual consultation on the Efficiency Maine website. Businesses ready to get started with a project can call 866-376-2463 or send an email to CIP@efficiencymaine.com. "

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