A Maine restauranteur and its patrons, gave back to the Maine farming community in a big way. Well done!

Erin French, is the owner of The Lost Kitchen, in Freedom, Maine. This place is a foodies dream come true, so much so, that it has become something of a phenomenon.

Incredibly, the restaurant has a capacity of only 48 seats, and is so inundated with requests for reservations, that you have to send a postcard to have a shot at getting a table. Since they are only open from May to October, this is not an easy task. Diners are chosen through a random drawing. It is also popular, because the beautiful location in Freedom, their unique cuisine, and farm-to-table dinners that has drawn raves from people all over the world.

Erin has used her considerable influence to raise $1 million for Maine farmers whose land or water is contaminated with PFAS chemicals. In fact, she included a request for donations as part of their reservation system.

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and Maine Farmland announced that thousands of people responded with that huge donation for the PFAS Emergency Relief Fund.

Erin has made The Lost Kitchen so famous since its opening back in 2014, that is has its own TV show, which you can find on the Magnolia Network, which is part of Discovery Plus.

And she recently appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show!

She wrote a book "Finding Freedom: A Cook's Story, Remaking A Life From Scratch" that chronicles her personal ups and downs, including her struggles with a divorce, alcohol and prescription drugs, to making The Lost Kitchen one of the most unique, and hottest dining options anywhere.

Kudos to Erin and her staff, and to all who donated!

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