Everybody in Maine lives near one road that sees a lot of damage. Sometimes it's because it's a high-speed road or sometimes it's just highly traveled and more probable of having an accident.

We've compiled a list of sections of Maine roads that have seen the most crashes since 2019. This is data taken from the Maine Department of Transportation and includes main roads, high traffic avenues, and interstate ramps across the State of Maine.

In our list, we took into account the number of crashes reported on Maine roads to create the ranking of the list. Also included are the number of injuries that resulted from these crashes, with each section listed including multiple injuries as reported by the Maine DOT. Some of these sections of road are proven deadly with a few fatalities included in the statistics as well.

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Take a look at our list and see if you live on or near one of these roads. And, believe it or not, not only have I lived on a few of these roads but, I actually saw an accident on one of these roads listed just this morning. That accident was not included in my statistics but, just proves the danger that these sections of road present.

The list includes sections of road across 11 counties, 23 cities, and towns and has resulted in over a thousand crashes, hundreds of injuries, and two fatalities since 2019. Sharing this list is in hopes that people who travel these roads become more mindful of their journeys on these roads and take the information into account anytime they drive over these sections of pavement.

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