The Suicide Squad is here and it makes Suicide Squad look like ... well, no, that line doesn’t quite work because it makes Suicide Squad look exactly as terrible as it was in the first place. The point is it’s good! Really good. Thank you, James Gunn, for giving. us the super-violent, super-funny, super-weird DC movie we’ve been waiting for.

Even if Gunn’s version of the Suicide Squad is not as fixated on DC Comics minutia as the first movie, it still contains a fair number of Easter eggs and references to comic-book history. Based on the names and places featured in The Suicide Squad, I’m gonna guess James Gunn is a huge fan of the old John Ostrander Suicide Squad comics, and also of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. There‘s also a pretty good chance he likes Batman: The Long Halloween, and I’m fairly certain he’s at least heard of the Birds of Prey movie.

In case you missed them yourself, here are the 10 coolest Easter eggs in The Suicide Squad, which is now in theaters and available on HBO Max.

The Suicide Squad: The Coolest Easter Eggs

The most fun references to DC Comics and pop culture in James Gunn’s blockbuster.

Even More Easter Eggs From The Suicide Squad:

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