Whether you are a tourist of Maine, just making a stop in-between locations or even a resident in the area, there are plenty of things to do between the Queen City of Bangor and the tourist stop of Bar Harbor.

Route 1A, Bangor to Bar Harbor

Route 1A between Bangor and Bar Harbor has five towns between the two locations, which is about 50 miles. This hour-long trip could be made into a long weekend if you wanted since it offers so many hiking, shopping, eating, and entertainment options.

There are plenty of ways to really take in the route between Bangor and Bar Harbor that can give you a more intimate experience of what Mainers appreciate and create. There are locations that give you a look at the wilderness of Maine through riverside walking areas, trail hiking or biking, and beach lounging.

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Things to do, places to see

Shopping experiences along this route take you from famous Maine brands and regional favorite deal spots to unique shops like none other in the State of Maine.

Your food stops range from what you would expect of Maine's famous seafood fare to local's favorite ice cream stands and pizza places.

Entertainment offered on this route range from museums, to seasonal shows and even an opportunity to take in a wonderous aerial view of one of the world's most beautiful natural wonders.

25 stops between Bangor and Bar Harbor

From a local to those that want to explore, here are 25 places to stop at to make a weekend out of your journey between Bangor and Bar Harbor.

25 Stops Between Bangor and Bar Harbor

Between Bangor and Bar Harbor, there are plenty of spots to find a bite to eat, trails to hike, places to shop, and things to do. Here are ways to take in the touristy and not-so-touristy spots on Route 1A.

40 Trails Within 20 Minutes of Bangor

Here's a bucket list of areas to visit for a workout, a walk with the dog or a weekend walk with the kids. Here are 40 easy to get to, convenient locations to get out in the Bangor Area.

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