In the early springtime, Maine will start seeing bears come out of hibernation when the weather starts to get warmer. With that in mind, it may be time to start preparing to keep the bears at bay from your backyard.

Here are some tips that Colorado State Parks recommends that Mainers could use to keep those awakening and soon-to-be roaming bears at bay

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Make trash cans less accessible/smellable

What will bring the bears to your property will be the welcoming smells of trash. They are looking for food when they come out of hibernation and if your trash is out, they likely can smell it. Finding a place for the trash can inside your home or an enclosed garage would be the best solution. Alternatively, finding a way to enclose the trash can while still outside could involve building an enclosure that includes coverage above the trash can as well.


Install motion-activated lights

Installing something that senses motion, including motion-activated lights, could startle a bear to not want to pursue a location further. Depending on where bears emerge on your property, you might want to point a motion-activating device in that direction to catch the bear off-guard and scare them away.


Placing covered ammonia or bleach bins

Ammonia and bleach smells are deterrents for bears. If you spray down attractively smelling places, such as your trash can, with these things, bears are likely to stay away. One trick homeowners have done is place buckets of ammonia or bleach around the perimeter of their property, covered but with holes punctured on top.

Right now, Maine's bears are about to be popping out of the woods so, keep these tips in mind while you are doing your yard cleaning or if you happen to see one of these guys in your neck of the woods.

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