Let's face it, coffee is awesome. And, what could be better than finding a new favorite coffee or coffee brand that was roasted in the same state as you live in. Well, guess what. I think it's time to go on a coffee adventure right in the state of Maine. There are plenty of roasters around in Maine, across the many miles and landscapes that this state possesses.

Coffee Companies In Maine

Now, we know coffee beans are grown far away from Maine, but Mainers are building coffee empires right here in the Pine Tree State.

Buying from locations across Central America, South America, Africa, Indonesia, and even India, Costa Rica, and Hawaii, Maine roasters are buying from farmers worldwide using fair-trade and sustainable practices while producing delicious single origin, blends, and unique flavors for us to enjoy.

Just As Good As Store-bought, Maybe Even Better

These roasters offer plenty of variety that you can sample in a cafe or order from their website. In fact, most roasters offer a subscription for weekly or monthly deliveries- shipping your favorite flavor right to your door- some of them bringing their product right to your door themselves.

We've Got a List to Get You Started On Discovering Great Maine Coffee

We put together a list of 25 Maine coffee brands that could employ your neighbor or be at your closest coffee shop or grocery store right now. Maybe consider a special order for an upcoming birthday or gift from one of these Maine-based roasters. I'm sure you have a coffee nut in mind. Consider ordering a bag for those who love coffee as much as I do.

TL:DR Someone buy me all of this coffee.

25 Maine-based Coffee Roasters To Get Your Coffee From Locally

Make good mornings great with Maine coffee. Roasters are creating great coffee across the state of Maine, from up north in the mountains to islands off of the mainland. Check out the variety of blends, sources, and brands available for incredible coffee right here in the Pine Tree State.

Maine Producers That Deliver to Your Home

Via vehicle or shipping, here's a list of some Maine independent producers who are raising livestock and growing food right in Maine's backyard that can be delivered right to you.

25 of Maine's Highest Paying Jobs

Here is a list of the highest paying jobs in the State of Maine, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics from information released May 2020. Many of the professions on the list include medical professions, financial professions and technology professions.

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