On Monday, President Biden signed the $1.2-trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law. Governor Mills was in attendance for the signing.

If you are wondering how that money is going to be spent and how much of it will be spent in Maine, you're not alone.

Here's the official release from the Governor's Office.

Maine gets to spend $1.3 billion on highways and bridges over the next 6 years.

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$1.3 billion sounds like a lot of money, and hopefully, our roads and bridges will be better for it.


And the total amount includes $225 million in dedicated bridge funding to be used by 2026.

The Act includes $241 million to be spent in the next 5 years to improve public transportation options. Buses for example, but maybe trains too.

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$19 million is in the budget for Maine to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure. That'll charge a lot of Teslas


Infrastructure at airports gets $74 million over 5 years. Smoother runways, and potentially a spruce up inside the airport.

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Act also includes at least $100 million to expand high-speed broadband across the state. This will provide access for at least 42,000 Mainers who currently don't have access. Plus low-income families will be helped financially with internet access costs.

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There is also money to improve water infrastructure ensuring clean and safe drinking water everywhere in the state.

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Mainers will also benefit from weatherization which will reduce energy costs for families.

Hopefully, we have enough people to do all the jobs that sound like they are going to get done starting very soon.

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