If you are looking for a great summer read about your home state or looking as a tourist into the paranormal of 'Vacationland' then check out our list of '25 Books About Haunted and Paranormal Maine'.

Maine's history is diverse in folklore and mystical experiences from all parts of the state. The mystery of Maine's deep and wild woods has stirred the imagination as to what actually lurks in there that is unknown. Maine's coast is rich with stories of phantom boats and seafarers looking for their way home. And there are plenty of locations with reoccurring ghostly encounters all over the state, rural and city, lighthouses and woods, and everywhere in between.

These books include collections of eye-witness accounts, imaginative fiction, and also a few books for children and adolescence that will tickle your fright and get the imagination churning.

Maybe a few of these books could set you out to go visit these haunted places, to see the hauntings for yourself. Maybe a few of these books could be just the right amount of spook to keep you from wanting to venture too far in the State of Maine.

No matter what kind of fright you may be looking for, we've got something on this list that you'll be interested in reading. Looking for folktales? Looking for historical accounts? Looking for wildly absurd but fantastic to imagine? This list has quite a variety for whatever could pique your interest and feed your fright.

Summon the courage and check out our list of '25 Books About Haunted and Paranormal Maine'... if you dare!

25 Haunting and Paranormal Books About Maine

Want a spook? Check out this list of books for all ages featuring paranormal and haunting stories set and even about Maine.

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