It is all in the numbers. In more ways than one.

We all have heard the drum beating that soon we will be exhausting available phone numbers in the 207 area code.

And the majority want Maine to remain a one-area code state.

207 as our only area code will continue a little longer than suggested last time that the topic came up.

The recent prediction that Maine would have to utilize a second area code in late 2025.

AntonioGuillem, ThinkStock
AntonioGuillem, ThinkStock

Well, uh, hold the phone.

That estimate has been updated and extended by 15 months. Maine Public Utilities said that Maine will continue to use only one area code until early 2027.

Maine Public Utilities Commission wouldn’t have an issue with remaining one of only 11 states with only one area code for a longer period of time.

The PUC along with the FCC participates with the ‘Numbering Administration Oversight Working Group and the North American Numbering Council. One of the things they do is work with service providers to return blocks of unused numbers all in an effort to continue with the status quo of one area code for the state.

  1. iconic, and the sole area code in Maine for a little while longer.

There are 11 states remaining with only one area code

  • Maine (207)
  • New Hampshire (603)
  • Vermont (802)
  • Rhode Island (401)
  • Delaware (302)
  • Montana (406)
  • Wyoming (307)
  • North Dakota (701)
  • South Dakota (605)
  • Alaska (907)
  • Hawaii (808)

Next discussion someday, and no one knows the answer as of yet, but if we have to add an area code, what would be?

And the plan would not be to split the state geographically, therefore changing some current 207s to whatever the new one will be, but keeping those currently with the 207 area code and the new one going to those getting new service or new phone numbers.

Someday, we will have 10-digit calling, but not yet.

Close-up of antique telephone
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207 is still 207. No complaints here.

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