It was reported last Thursday by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention that 2019 had the highest number of Lyme disease cases reported from health providers.

The latest reported numbers add up to 2,079 cases, the highest ever reported in the state.  This number may rise as providers report more cases from 2019.

Lyme disease is a result of bacteria transferred to a human by tick bites.  The signs of Lyme disease include the "bull's eye" rash, fever, chills, headache, fatigue and muscle and joint aches.  Chronic symptoms would include arthritis and heart problems.

According to the press release from January 16th, from the Maine CDC, 2019 also say an increase in two other tickborne diseases, anaplasmosis and babesiosis with 685 cases reported of anaplasmosis and 138 cases of babesiosis reported.

The Maine CDC suggests avoiding tick bites by using an EPA-approved repellent, wear protective clothing, perform daily tick checks, avoid tick infested areas.

For more information on Lyme disease visit and check out the new Lyme date tracking network for the State of Maine at

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