In the half of the year that we get to actually share the design on our cool t-shirts without a coat over it, we really want to show our love for what we hold most dear.  And, one of those things is our home state, Maine.

You want to show your personality while declaring your commitment to your home state or the state that you call home.  Maybe you want to have a little more of a subdued approach or maybe you want to add a little retro to your message.  Whatever your vibes and the needs for your message of love, there's something to wear to share the love of Maine with your fellow Mainers.

We scoured online sellers for the best of the best of wearable Maine design really keeping in mind what people would actually want to wear as well as authenticity of the design- that is, would a Mainer actually wear that?

Check out the 12 items we found through Amazon and Etsy that showcase Maine the way that you want to wear it and share it- style, comfort and honor.  No matter where in the state you want to show off your Mainewear- upta camp, beachin' it or chilling on a mountain- here are 12 ways to wear Maine and show your love for the place you call home.


12 Ways to Wear Maine


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