Everybody's favorite excuse to run like a madman and play in the mud is open for registration. Wicked Muddy Mainer 2021 will be back and is scheduled for Saturday, July 10th at 8 AM.

This event will once again test your endurance as you run through miles of muddy fields and water reservoirs.  Get dirty, splash in the water and enjoy a killer summer event right in Orrington.

The 5th consecutive Muddy Mainer contest is set for Saturday, July 10th.  Just like last year, this year's event will be committed to keeping participants and staff safe following CDC guidelines.

With that being said, heats are being reduced to half their size to accommodate for reducing transmission and sticking to CDC guidelines with smaller group sizes for this strenuous journey.

Last year the event was changed considerably due to the pandemic but was pulled off without a hitch.  Many changes were needed to keep the race going in the middle of the pandemic but, they persevered and kept it running.

And, indeed they did!

Registration is open now and can be completed at thewickedmuddymainer.com website.  You can register to be part of the general 'Wicked muddy Mainer' runs with 16 heat times to choose from (two of those time slots were sold out at the time of publishing), which will cost $80.  Sign the kiddos up to be part of the 'Mini Muddy Mainer' grouped together by age groups including 4 - 6, 7 - 9 and 10 - 12.  Those will start at 3 PM and will cost $35 per child person.

For more information and to follow the event, check out their 'Wicked Muddy Mainer 2021' event on Facebook.

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