From All Bran to Wheaties, what is your favorite, or favorites? Vote for as many as you wish.

First that's a long long list and it's still not all the different kinds of cereal. And by all means, if you mash up when you eat cereal, or eat different cereal depending on your mood, pick as many cereals as you'd like on the poll.

Remember those individual sized snack packs? We used to get those when we went camping as kids. Are those still around? We loved it because I think we got to choose different cereals than we were used to getting at home.

Random fact. I eat a lot more cereal for dinner or late in the day, than I ever do in the morning. And for the record, I believe my father invented the cereal mash up.  He'd mix four or five different kinds in his bowl, having to pour them in order into the bowl before the milk. Strange. Now some of the cereal companies are combining a couple of their brands into one box and marketing them as mash-ups.

Imagine having your face on a box of cereal.  That sure looks like Lee Ann Rimes on the Corn Flakes box.

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Serena Williams made the Wheaties box.  Did her sister Venus ever do that?

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There must be a lot of profit in cereal.  Next time you are in the grocery store, count the different brands, and take a look up and down that aisle at how much product there is. Baffling how many choices and how much shelf space is devoted to breakfast cereal.

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Thanks for your vote.  Share with your cereal loving friends to help decide the most popular cereal.

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