Guinness World Records Day falls in the month of November. Let's celebrate these unique achievements from people in our state!

November 9th is Guinness World Records Day and Mainer's over time have racked up some records in the famous records book. Here are a dozen amazing world records set by people who may live right next door!

Here are the world records Mainer's hold in no particular order:

1. Largest Revolving Globe

Eartha, as the globe is known, can be found in Yarmouth at the Delorme facility. It was created over two years beginning in 1998.

2. Longest Canoe

The longest canoe on record was created in Newport at Nokomis Regional High School. It measured 149 feet 1 inch!

3. Tallest Snowman

Just a few feet shy of the height of the Statue of Liberty, Bethel's snow-WOMAN was a beast! She was 112ft tall with a 130ft long scarf and tires for buttons!

4. Largest Collection of Umbrella Sleeves

The Umbrella Sleeve museum on Peaks Island took the world record for most sleeves with 730 unique patterns, styles, shapes, and sizes!

5. Most Corn Husked in a Minute

Who doesn't know how to shuck some corn in Maine!? But Michael Diggins Jr. of Scarborough may be faster at it than all of us! On November 15, 2015 he became the first ever record holder in the corn shucking category with 13 ears shucked in one minute!

6. Fastest Mile Run While Wearing Swimming Flippers

I can barely run a mile in regular shoes! But on July 1, 2014 Zachary Miller scored this record at Brunswick High School. He completed the run in only 5 minutes and 48.86 seconds.

7. Longest Snowmobile Journey

Beginning in Maine and ending in Canada, Robert G. Davis drove 12,163 miles on his Yamaha RS Venture. It took him 60 days to complete this longggggggg journey.

8. Fastest Completion of Myst (Video Game)

The graphic adventure puzzle video game Myst was completed in only 3 minutes and 18 seconds by a student in South Berwick named Dylan Guptill.

9. Longest Distanced Tap Danced

10.4 miles in 4 hours and 33 minutes was tap danced in the Gorham area in October 2002. The Centre of Movement School of Performing Arts in Portland with 13 dancers claimed this record and raised money for the Barbra Bush Children's Hospital.

10. Most Pine Boards Broken With One Hand by a Female in One Minute

Donna Harris in Lewiston broke this record on 10 October 2015. She broke a whopping 156 boards! She also raised money for a good cause, the Pink Project for Breast Cancer. (Don't mess with this woman!)

11. First Solo Atlantic Crossing in a Hot Air Balloon

From Caribou to Italy, Colonel Joe Kittinger flew his hot air balloon and captured the record. This may be Maine's first Guinness Record as it is from 1984.

12. Heaviest Female to Complete a Marathon

Ragen Chastain participated in the Mainly Marathon in Stanford in the Spring of 2017. She began the race weighing 288.68 lbs and ended it weighing 288.03.

Bonus Records:

  • The most traveled ashes traveled through Maine making us part of the record.
  • The longest domestic cat recorded was a MAINE coon cat.
  • UMaine attempted to break the record for most plaid print worn in 2014 but was about 100 short of the 1,100 they needed to break the current record.

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