The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety is offering reminders about motorcycle safety, as the season gets started, for bikers and drivers alike.

In case you haven't noticed, there are motorcycles everywhere right now. I'm married to a guy with a bike, so I understand the excitement that goes with the arrival of warm weather. But this can be a dangerous time of year for bikers, with debris still on the roadways from the winter, and drivers who are out of the habit of looking for motorcycles.


There have already been several motorcycle fatalities in the state, so highway officials are urging drivers and riders to use caution and watch out for each other. Often, all it takes is a little mindfulness. Drivers should be extra vigilant when traveling in front of or behind a motorcycle. And bike riders need to make sure they're visible and riding safely.

With help from the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety's Lauren Stewart, I've put together a list of 10 tips that will help motorcyclists and vehicle drivers to co-exist safely on the roads. But there is one tip that I didn't add to the list, that doesn't apply to either category. This suggestion is aimed at anyone who mows their own lawn. Please, please, please aim that mower toward your lawn when cutting the grass near the road. Grass clippings on the pavement are slippery like ice under motorcycle and bicycle tires. Your desire to limit the clumps of cut grass in your yard could result in emergency responders walking on your lawn when a bike goes down in front of your house.

If we all work together, it could be a much safer summer in Maine for everyone.

10 Tips to Allow Cars and Motorcycles to Safely Coexist

It's possible for cars, trucks, and motorcycles to safely share the road, but it takes mindfulness and cooperation on everyone's part. Remember these 10 tips before heading out on your next journey.

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