When it comes to food, Maine is certainly the way life should be!

I have lived in the state of Maine my enire life, which has been amazing, but when you are a picky eater it can be odd when it comes to sampling some of the iconic food that people have traveled from all over the globe to sample. Believe it or not, I have never tried Maine lobster! I'm not sure why, it's just that for some reason I just can't bring myself to do it.There have been days where restaurants have brought the entire staff here a bunch of lobster rolls, and people freak out with delight and excitment, while I just head downstairs to the vending machine to grab a stale Pop Tart.

If things ever get back to some sense of normalcy, I just might have to arrange to have a sampler of all the things on this list that I have yet to try. That's my story for now...and I'm sticking to it.

USA Today’s “10 Best” series gave a shout out to the delicious treats of the 207. They compiled a Top 10 list of the foods you must try if you are visiting the state of Maine. The love or dislike of things like Moxie, or red snapper hot dogs will always rage on, but if you fancy yourself adventurous, maybe you should give everything on this list a try.

1. Wild Blueberries

2. Potato donuts

3. Needhams

4. Whoopie Pies

5. Lobster

6. Pie

7. Fried Clams

8. Moxie

9. Red snapper hot dogs

10. Craft Beer

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