June 8th is 'National Best Friends Day' and what better way to show your best friend you care than sharing a picture of you and your bestie on your favorite station's Facebook page.

What makes the best of friends?

A person who respects you but also sees the better you than you can.  A best friend motivates you and uses your best abilities to help you grow and be better.  A best friend is someone who needs your advice but also wants to give advice, too.  A best friend is a person who can be mad with you and love you at the same time.  A best friend is someone who thinks of you when you are not around.  A best friend is someone who has your back when you are going through difficulty times and you are a best friend when you are able to have their back when they are going through difficult times.

A best friend is someone who listens when you need to speak and adds to the conversation when they feel they need to speak.  A good friendship allows for both to be heard and both to be listened to.

We love our besties and work hard at maintaining these great friendships.  Every friendship, no matter how new or aged, deserves to be celebrated so, let's celebrate the beauty of our connections.

Here are all the friends that shared their bestie photos with us to celebrate this wonderful day.

The Z's Bestie Gallery

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