I mentioned this video during the Z Work Force and had to share it with you!

If you follow Z artist Imagine Dragons on Twitter (@imaginedragons), you probably saw this post in the past couple of days:

Credit: Imagine Dragons via Twitter
Credit: Imagine Dragons via Twitter

The tweet read:

"This 600 person choir singing believer blew my mind this morning as I watched.  So much passion."

We had to investigate.

It turns out that on December 10th, 600 singers joined the Koolulam Project to sing together and kickstart the Galgalatz Radio annual international billboard at the Bascula arts center in Tel Aviv.

The amazing thing is that nobody knew each other and the event was to promote bringing people together who wouldn't usually gather together.  For a nation like Israel that is in constant conflict, it is quite a feat to accomplish.


Credit: קולולם via Youtube
Credit: קולולם
via Youtube


The Koolulam Project is an ambitious one.  This is the description of the project from their Facebook page:

Kululam is a social-musical initiative aimed at bringing together people from all corners of the diverse, multi-cultural Israeli society. Our idea is to stop everything for a few hours and just sing - together.
The project enables its participants to enjoy the feeling of togetherness through a deep communal experience - our sounds and voices coming together to create a social choir, full of hope and optimism. The idea is based on a similar, highly successful project in Canada, which we have decided to bring over to Israel, giving it our own unique, Israeli flavour.

Check out the amazing viral video below:


You can see why Imagine Dragons is pretty amazed. Maine's a pretty divisive state at times.  Wouldn't it be nice to see this many people gathered in a song of solidarity despite our diversities?  Would you consider being a part of an event like this in the Bangor area?

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