We received a ton or entries into this year's Z My Valentine contest, and we love seeing all the schmoopies out there in listener land.

So, here's the deal: We said we were going to pick five finalists, but there were just too many good entries. We made an executive decision to include 50 random finalists. That's right, we said 50! For all you non-mathletes out there, that's 10 times the love!

So, check out the entries in the gallery above for photos and videos and stories from our finalists. (They're listed in alphabetical order by the first name of the person who entered.) Then, cast your vote for your favorite. You may vote once per day.

The winner will receive the following:

Since we had so many entries and we couldn't include all of them in the voting, we decided to offer up another prize. So, we're going to pick one random entry of ALL of the entries received and give that person a $50 gift card to Specialty Sweets! That's pretty "Valentinesy," right?

Good luck everyone!

Here's a link to our general contest rules.

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