From today's "Say what?" file

Some days when we are doing show prep for the Z Morning Show, it's about 5:30 and you aren't quite awake yet, but then you read a story that is so bizarre, it it gets your full attention, even at that ungodly hour.

A 26-year old man from India showed up to the emergency room of his local hospital with...wait for it...a shower head shoved in his rectum. When the doctors asked him how this occurred, the man claims that he fell in the shower and that's how it wound up there, but since they have seen it all before, they thought it was possible that it was done on purpose.

Luckily for this poor fella there was no internal damage or bleeding, but we are guessing there was a ton of pain involved.

It's always fun to gross out and horrify Todd Simcox every day, but he actually got quite a kick out of this one!

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