To dunk, or not to dunk, that is the question!

We had a spirited discussion on the Z Morning Show, when I commented to Sarah how I love to dunk a tuna fish sandwich on toast, into a bowl of tomato soup. She was totally unimpressed. Now normally I would do this with grilled cheese and tomato soup, but I do get cravings to drop by the Brewer Hannaford and grab a can of tuna fish.

So flash forward to later in the morning, I decided to post about it on my personal Facebook page, thinking nothing much would come from it, but it turns out that 111 comments later, maybe I touched a nerve with people. The reactions seemed to be split right down the middle.

Here are some of the comments:

I’ve never even thought of this but it sounds great

Snow day lunch as a kid. Perfect toasted.

My family does peanut butter sandwiches in corn chowder, so I can’t judge

I think tomato soup is gross

now I want that for my lunch! Gotta run to Hannafords

Not only gross but possibly illegal.

Who am I to yuck somebodys yum? But a Tuna Melt sounds with tomato soup sounds pretty good about RN. It makes senses because fish and tomato is a classic flavor combo especially a hardier, denser fish like Tuna that make need the help of some acid and tomato to cut through it and add flavor - so this is chef approved haha

no taste is a sign of covid.. you should get tested
I joke, I joke

so good. And make your tomato soup with milk to make it extra creamy

I used to do that! When I was a kid. Mom made soup and sandwich all the time. I also dunk grilled cheese in tomato soup

Nah. I never eat tomato soup without some peanut butter sandwiches so who am I to judge.

So which is it? To dunk, or not to dunk? The debate rages on...

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