This Thursday, a new binge worthy series featuring a contestant from Maine is coming your way.

A few weeks ago, we received a Facebook message from Monica Raye, who told us all about her son, Aaron Thomas Raye, who is a model/actor who lives in Newburgh, Maine, and attends Hampden Academy.

Last summer, Aaron went to California to shoot an original unscripted teen TV show called "Karma", which will begin streaming this Thursday, June 18, on HBO Max. Aaron discovered the show after seeing a post about a casting call looking for kids aged 12–15 for a competitive reality show named "Extreme Camp" which was later renamed "Karma."

"Karma" is an hour-long, eight-episode American reality television teen program, that will be hosted by Michelle Khare, the extreme lifestyle enthusiast who has almost 2 million followers on YouTube. The show will pit children against each other in a wholesome competition.

The concept of "Karma" is intriguing. It features 18 contestants, ranging in age from 12 to 15, completely off the grid to solve puzzles and overcome physical challenges, away from their parents, friends and the comforts of home, with the laws of karma setting the rules. Imagine this, kids that age had to go without cell phones and contact with the outside world!

The Z Morning Show had the pleasure of speaking with Aaron about his experience on the show, and what you can expect when you watch.

Check out the official trailer for the first season here:

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