After you steal meatballs, you might wanna wipe your face off!

We love a good stupid criminal on The Z Morning Show, and we found a doozy today!

In Hazle Township, Pennsylvania, a guy with way too many names, Leahman Glenn Robert Potter, decided to break into a man's garage and steal a pot of meatballs. Yeah, we couldn't figure out why a guy had meatballs in his garage either.

When the meatballs were reported missing to the police, the victim noticed Potter, standing in front of his house with red sauce all over his face and clothing! Well done, Leahman Glenn Robert Potter. The empty pot was found on the street, and Potter was arrested, and charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by unlawful means.

Also from this morning, Kid & Sarah get excited for Todd's annual Oscar party...ok he actually doesn't throw an Oscar party, but that didn't stop us from giving him a hard time.

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