It's the week kids all over the State of Maine dread or look forward to all summer long- back-to-school week!  Some kids around the Bangor Area have already started the back-to-school milestone while others are still waiting for that first day.  Either way, we want to share our listeners' first-day-of-school pictures with the world.

This year has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic but school must go on in any form that it can.  Some are going back to school a few days a week with some days of remote learning during the week while others are going completely remote this year.  This can be an unusual start to the school year for many kiddos but there is still a start to it all that can include your 'first-day-of-school' or 'back-to-school' picture.

The 'first-day-of-school' or 'back-to-school' picture is a way of marking a new milestone for your kiddo that captures their growth in their childhood, moving from one step to the next one.  What's great with these photos is being able to capture a moment in time that you compare with prior photos capturing past 'first-day-of-school' moments.

In these photos you see the growth of your child, their change in style, their change in attitude and the glimmer of hope in a new start to a prideful next step, the start on a new journey in a new year of school.

Here are photos that the Z107.3 audience shared on our Facebook page to honor the start of a new, albeit unusual, school year- 2020 to 2021.  Congratulations to all the kiddos heading back to start a new year of school and best of luck in your new year.

Z Listeners' Back-to-school Photos 2020 - 2021

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