Get out and have some fun in the snow this winter with this fun wintertime activity that includes your pooch.

The wintertime activity of skijoring is a strange-sounding name but merges cross country skiing and being pulled by a dog or a horse dog. So, basically, you are being pulled by a strong animal while you cross country ski.

There are few places in Maine that offer trails for this activity around the state when it comes to utilizing your trusty companion. In fact, there are 7 places around Maine that have trails for cross-country skiing that also mention on their websites the specific activity of skijoring.

Skijoring Locations in Maine

Saddleback MountainThere are 2.5 miles of trails for skijoring at Rangeley Lakes Trails Center.

Bethel Nordic Ski CenterThis ski center is located at Bethel Inn and offers 1 mile of trail for skijoring.

Carter's SC Ski Center: This other ski center in Bethel offers an epic 68 miles of skijoring trails.

Five Fields FarmThis location in Bridgton has 12.5 miles of trails to do some skijoring in the Pine Tree State.

Harris Farm XC Ski Center: This center in Dayton has 25 miles of trails to try out skijoring.

Sugarloaf Outdoor CenterTake to Carrabassett Valley and try some skijoring on 6 miles of trails.

Quarry Road Recreation AreaThis Central Maine location, specifically in Waterville, offers 3 miles of trails for skijoring.

Need Some Trained Dogs?

If you are looking to try the sport out but want to utilize trained dogs, check in with New England Dogsledding in Mason and make some new friends to try out this winter sport. The folks at the New England Dogsledding say a dog over 30 pounds is great for this sport but they have trained dogs, harnesses, and other equipment to get knowledgable about the sport.

Skijoring Event In Maine

Lastly, if you find that you love this sport, set your sights on the Somerset Snowfest coming in February which includes this great sport as part of the winter festival.


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