I know I don’t have a diet like Tom Brady, but apparently, I am a picky eater like Tom.  Foxnews.com reports on a TikTok made by Brady that he posted on Tuesday that shows his disdain for, wait for it, the ends of bananas.  He literally breaks off the end of bananas before putting them in his smoothie in the morning.  The smoothie has bananas, protein powder, and electrolytes but Brady is seen in the video breaking off the ends of the bananas before putting them in the blender saying “ick” according to reporting by foxnews.com.


The video was shared on Twitter and quickly went viral.  Twitter user @AndyHutchins commented, “Tom Brady not eating the ends of bananas WHEN THEY ARE BLENDED INTO A SMOOTHIE is serial killer stuff.”  I have to come to Tom’s defense on this.  I am a very picky eater.  I don’t eat leftovers and I don’t like any frozen food.  My wife tries to pass off frozen meatballs as fresh and I have to tell you, you can’t do that to me.  I just KNOW.


Maybe the secret to his winning all those Super Bowls and being in peak physical condition is because he doesn’t eat the end of bananas.  I, for one, am jumping on the not eating the ends of the bananas trend.  It will probably end up like when I tried the Tom Brady diet by making my wife use Pink Himalayan Salt and still kept eating Oreos.  She put a stop to the expensive salt unless I curbed my appetite for ice cream.




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