Who knew that people in Florida want something from the 207?

From a personal perspective, I have no desire to travel to Florida at this point in time. The Delta variant of Covid is raging there at the moment, but if you are headed that way this summer, you can get a little taste of Maine in the Sunshine State.

Sweet Jane's Whoopie Pies, is a business in Silver Springs, Florida, run by Jane Lockhart Waugh, who has been making Whoopie Pies for 44 years. She started making them at a young age, baking with her mother in Marlboro, Maine. The recipe has not changed in all these years. Sweet Jane also makes handmade fudge and chocolate candies. And, in a true state of Maine twist, she also sells fresh Maine lobsters. Oh, by the way, they sell Moxie too!

We take them for granted because they are everywhere in Maine, but her list of gourmet whoopie pies is pretty impressive. Look at this variety!

Key lime

Chocolate cream

Cherry cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake

Oreo cookie cream

Apple pie

York peppermint patty

A Floridian resident recently discovered this little gem of a store, and promptly got a traditional whoopie pie, a peanut butter one, and an ice cold Moxie for good measure.

If this gets you in the mood to eat Maine treats, the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival is back after a year off. It all goes down in Dover-Foxcroft, on Saturday, October 2nd, from 10am-4pm

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