Our neighbors to the north are creative like they are friendly and they like things fried like we Americans do.

Recent years has shown a worldwide obsession of frying just about everything considered edible, including oreos, watermelon and bacon.

Now a restaurant in Ontario, Canada has whipped out the frialator for the most treasured symbol of their nation: the maple leaf.  Luckily, we have plenty of these right here in Maine and easily accessible considering Maple leaves are covering your whole yard right now.

Spirit Tree Estate Cidery is selling these carefully produced oddities for $6 and involves salt curing the specially picked leaves, dipped in a tempura batter then deep-fried.

Here's what a deep-fried Maple leaf looks like from girl.meats.food on Instagram:

Well, now I gotta know how that tastes.  Sounds easy enough to prepare, right?

Need a list of 23 things to deep-fry right now?  Check out this Buzzfeed article 23 Foods You Need To Deep-Fry Right Now which includes tequila shots (which is actually tequila soaked cake that has been deep-fried), cookie dough, and, one I definitely want to try, corn on the cob.

Just want to see a bunch of random crap deep-fried?  There's a video for that...

Or perhaps even be exposed to something deep-fried that could... somehow... change your life.

I just can't stop.  There's more fried videos and I need to watch more of this!

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