I have to say, even though I'm a middle aged man, I tend to be as protective as a mother cheetah when it comes to those I hold dear. I used to work in the Townsquare group in Portland before I came here to Bangtown. And as I read this post from our sister station in Portland, WJBQ 97.9, I was ready to throw down. For a second, anyway.

The short story is, someone that runs a satirical Facebook page, decided to poke some fun at the DJ's on WJBQ. The page said some hilariously inflammatory things about the jocks.... like one sleeps with ostriches, another one films it and sells it in the Netherlands, etc. But here's the thing that stuck out at me.

The page represents themselves as another radio station..... Maine's 107.3 The Eagle.

Now as far as we're concerned here, of the two, we are the best 107.3 for a few reasons:

  • They don't have a cool 'Z' in their call letters
  • We have a Facebook page AND a website
  • We have an address
  • Their male morning show host is, at best, only 1/100th as cranky as Kid
  • We have a lovely lady morning show host, they're a sausage party all the way
  • We employ a real person that tells me whether or not I can say 'sausage party'

I could probably come up with at least ten more reasons why we're waaaaaaaay more super than The Eagle. Well, except for one thing. Our station colors are pink and black, where theirs are red, white, and blue. Let's face it..... Those colors don't run!

But you know what else doesn't run? THEIR STATION!!!!! Because it's fake. But honestly, you should probably take a moment to check it out, because it's hilarious. And  in this day and age, we all need to laugh more.

But for the record.... I do believe Rob 'Ron' Steele would potentially traffic Macedonian child brides. But only if someone's paying in Crown Royal.

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