A journey of more than 3,000 miles is under way for a 1953 GMC bus from California to Maine in the following weeks.

The owners of the bus, Joe and Cary, reside on Westport Island in Maine and have planned this trip to take the 'Woodstock Bus' across the country to bring it back home to Maine with plans in the future for tie dye shirt making and to serve the community in various ways.

The bus has been residing in the dessert in Bishop,California for decades after the bus broke down during a career of festival chasing for the tie-dye entrepreneurs.  The family then returned to Maine to live a non-nomadic life and settle down to raise their three children

Joe has recently retired and plans a two week journey, with plenty of tools on board, trekking from California to Texas and up along the east coast back to his home in Maine.

Check out this Skype interview with Joe and Cary featuring photos of the bus.  They talk about the history of the bus and their future plans with the historic vehicle:

To follow their cross country journey happening now, follow them on Facebook: Woodstock Bus Journey.

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