Just a warning, this video is NSFW!

On today's Z Morning Show when we read this story we had a pretty good laugh, then when we watched the video, we were totally disgustedout, but still laughing because come on...it's funny.

A woman in Canada was so upset with an employee at a Tim Horton's restaurant that she pulled down her pants, pooped on the floor, then proceeded to throw at the employee. She was courteous enough to wipe her bottom, but then threw the toilet paper too. Ewww.

The woman was arrested by police on Monday night around 6:15 pm.

Of course the store camera captured it all, and we have it for you in all it's unedited glory! We also have Kid, Sarah and Todd's comments on this truly bizarre story, directly below it.

We will warn you that it's fairly graphic, so probably not a great idea to play it at work, or if you are easily grossed out.

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