This Boston broad headed to Fenway pahhk early on Monday to vote. She sported a Pats Jersey, Boston sports mask and obvi she had her 'Dunkies' iced coffee in tow.

Find me a woman with more Boston pride... I'll wait.

She was pumped to get out of the house and perform her civic duty ESPECIALLY at Fenway Park. It doesn't get more Boston than that.

Twitter could not get enough of her “Saturday Night Live”-esque Boston-ness.

According to, The video has been viewed over 650,000 times and for good reason, this woman is hilarious!

HA! I love her! If they made tee shirts that say: "I got my Dunkies" I would sport one proudly. The article goes on to say that the woman said she voted for Joe Biden. She would have preferred to vote for Bernie Sanders but “it’s a team sport."

I smell an SNL parody of this very moment and I can't wait for it.


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