Could you eat 6 Lobster Rolls in one day? This woman did!

“Wilderness to Table” is a YouTube channel about food, and the host Bri Van Scotter is seriously into Maine Lobster Rolls. So much so, that she travels from Atlanta,Georgia, all the way to Portland, Maine in search of the best of the best of our most famous export.
Originally the plan was to try 10 different ones, but her eyes became bigger her than her stomach, and she only ended up scarfing down six, which is pretty impressive.

Her video tour includes stops at Portland Lobster Company, J’s Oyster, Maine Lobster Shack, a local food truck called Bite Into Maine, Evan Tide, HighRoller, and a stop at The Holy Donut for something sweet. The donuts in the video look amazingly delicious, but then again, I’m no Lobster Roll fan.

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