The Maine Emergency Management Agency has announced that it will be testing our devices with a national test of the Wireless Emergency Alert & Emergency System.

Expect everyone around you to be startled by their phones in the afternoon on August 11, 2:20 PM to be exact.

FEMA states that the message will not only be sent out to our phones but also across television and radio.

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If you don't get one that's because you have opted out of these alerts. If you would like to opt-in you can check out these instructions from the FCC on how to set things up on your phone to be able to receive these alerts. These instructions include both Andriod and iPhone and other iOS devices.

The City of Bangor City Hall shared this FEMA notification via the agency's Facebook page on Wednesday to warn us Bangor area peeps to be aware that the alert is coming. Thank you, or I would not have been aware, City of Bangor.

According to the FCC website, these alerts are meant to prepare us for actual emergencies, as usually stated in the announcements that come after a pretty irritating, alerting sound. The system is used to alert those that opt into the service of "dangerous weather, missing children, and other critical situations."

You can choose to have the service on your phone but can choose other mobile devices as well.

So, get ready on August 11 for everybody's phones to go bananas at the same time. Also, count in the radio and television stations as well.

Find out more about the Emergency Alert system on your phone or another mobile device at the Federal Communications Commissions 'Wireless Emergency Alert' page.

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