Early one morning this week the Orono Pride Zoo ostrich was stolen.  The thought is that it was taken off of Main Street as a prank. But theft is theft. Orono Police are asking anyone that knows anything or saw anything related to get in touch with them.

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Here's the Ostrich:

Courtesy Ash Cardurns
Courtesy Ash Cardurns

The story about the Orono Pride Zoo animals is that three of them were constructed by Orono High School teacher Cami Carter and Jon Hawley as a symbol of pride in the LGBTQ+ community. The first three animals made were the missing ostrich, a unicorn, and a zebra.

Since then, the Orono community has added eight animals for a total of 11.  These are symbols of Pride in June, July, and August and help bring awareness to the cause, educate the public, and celebrate diversity.

courtesy Ash Cardurns
courtesy Ash Cardurns

Cami Carter told me yesterday that she was:

“Mad and Sad”

It is hard not to take a situation like this personally, but Cami was quick to also say:

“We just want the Ostrich back. No questions asked. No charges.  Just put it back on any street corner, and we’ll come and get it and put it back where it should be”

Yesterday afternoon the plan was to walk Main Street and put up flyers and knock on doors asking people to be on the lookout for the animal.

For further information about Orono Pride and the LGBTQ+ community visit Orono Pride dot org.  

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