All this week, we're going to be giving away gift cards to Dunkin' to our loyal listeners.  But, you'll have to be fast to win the Dunkin' Dash!

To enter, make sure you have our app.

Then, listen for the Dunkin' sounder during the Z-107.3 Morning Show with Kid and Sarah. Once you hear it, tap the Dunkin' Dash button on our app and tell us your favorite Dunkin' beverage. See the red arrow? That's where you'll find the button.

Tap the "Dunkin' Dash" button on our app to enter.
Tap the "Dunkin' Dash" button on our app to enter.

You could win a $20 Dunkin' card. You don't have long to enter though, so get on it! You only have 10 minutes and 7.3 seconds to tell us your favorite Dunkin' drink.

Life is complicated enough these days. Make it easier by doing the Dunkin' Dash with DD Perks. Order online and pay online to get your Dunkin' treat faster than ever. Nothing lifts your mood like doing the Dunkin' Dash.

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