Fans were really turned on by Jason Sudeikis’ surprising outfit choice at the 2021 Golden Globes, even if he did look—according to some viewers—like he might be high.

The 45-year-old Saturday Night Live alum was delivering an acceptance speech for winning the Best Actor in a Comedy Series for his show, Ted Lasso, when thousands of thirst-tweets praising Sudeikis' laid-back aesthetic—which one user aptly dubbed as his "divorced" look—started to flood Twitter's feed.

Sudeikis inadvertently became Twitter’s biggest thirst-trap during the awards ceremony (Feb. 28) after the actor appeared on camera looking a bit weary-eyed in a bizarre tie-dye hoodie.

"I have a multitude of hoodies I could have worn for a multitude of things I believe in and support," Sudeikis quipped with a smirk.

Some users pointed out that the actor — who is newly divorced from his ex-wife Olivia Wilde — looked “like a man whose wife just left him for Harry Styles.” 

Other users joked that he seemed “stoned out of his mind,” but there was an obvious consensus on Twitter: divorced Jason Sudeikis is smoking hot.

“Jason sudeikis attending the virtual golden globes in a hoodie is so sexy to me,” one user tweeted.

Someone else shared, “jason sudeikis only wearing a hoodie so what?? let the sexy man do whatever he wants!!!!”

Scroll down for more reactions to Jason Sudeikis' sexy, maybe-stoned "divorced" look below:

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