Walk down the aisles of any supermarket in Maine, and there will be one thousand different products to choose from. Anything and everything you could ever dream of seems to be right at your fingertips. Unless of course, you were hoping to grab a six-pack of Kool-Aid Bursts, because, as shared on Reddit by JaSonic2199, they're banned from being sold in Maine.

Reddit via JaSonic2199
Reddit via JaSonic2199

What is It About Kool-Aid Bursts That Makes Them Banned in Maine?

It's a fair question, and we think we've narrowed down the answer. Initially, several commenters on different Reddit posts on this topic theorized that Kool-Aid just didn't want to pay the additional tax in Maine on sugary drinks. That sounds like a credible theory, except that you can find plenty of other Kool-Aid products on store shelves, including Kool-Aid Jammers, which are essentially Bursts in different packaging. The packaging is the key with Bursts. They come in a plastic-heavy twist cap bottle that may violate Maine's recycling plans.

How Long Have Kool-Aid Bursts Been Banned?

The exact time they stopped being sold in Maine is up for debate. But as we mentioned above, it's been an ongoing debate on Reddit for years. Different photos of Kool-Aid bursts have been showing up since 2017, all with the 'NOT FOR SALE IN MAINE' proclamation.

Is It Just a Specific Flavor?

No. You'll see the Berry Blue flavor in a lot of photos above, but all five Kool-Aid Bursts flavors aren't sold in Maine stores. Nothing to do with the flavors or the sugar. Everything to do with the plastic packaging.

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