Odds are by now you’ve watched the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer once or 355 million times. And after you’ve watched it a few million times, you might have started to wonder: What is going on with Doctor Strange in this movie? He casts a spell that Wong specifically tells him not to do. He messes with the laws of space and time after he was warned repeatedly in the first Doctor Strange not to do that. And then he’s doing stuff like throwing trains at Peter Parker and shoving his astral form out of his body.

At best, he’s acting recklessly. At worst, he might be the bad guy of the movie? In our latest Spider-Man: No Way Home video we take a look at the trailer to try to figure out its real plot — and whether the guy who looks like Dr. Strange could really be a Marvel villain (Mephisto? Kang?) in disguise. Watch it below:

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