Mainers will be delighted to know their favorite dessert (it's okay to admit you like the whoopie more than the blueberry pie) is coming to them.

The Whoopie Wagon is the latest food truck in Maine that is based out of Corinna.

It's not so much a food truck but a trailer, so technically, the food's not made in the vehicle but it's carted around, much like a wagon, to bring the people fine foods.

The Whoopie Wagon, of course, will be selling one of Maine's most decadent and delicious desserts, the Whoopie Pie. But, this wagon also offers plenty of other items that can satisfy the sweet tooth. You can check out other sweet treats from this food trailer that includes cookies, coconut Needham, peppermint patties, pies, banana bread, and a whole lot more.

Speaking with the owner, she says all of the items sold are made right in her kitchen. Her other business is the Happy Baskets Gift Shop and Bakery, which she's had for about 6 months. Now, she's moving into the food truck realm so she can move those baked goods to the Whoopie Wagon and transport the wagon around the area to sell their home-cooked sweet treats!

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The latest food truck of Maine offers items from $1 to $12. Spend a dollar to get two cookies or get a pack of Needhams or peppermint patties. Get a loaf of banana bread for $5. Or, really treat yourself with a whole pie for $12.

Cross your fingers that we'll be able to see them at the Riverwalk Festival in Newport on August 7.

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