And he is brining his famous brothers with him this weekend!!

The Bangor Comic & Toy Con is back for 2023. All the fun happens this weekend, October 13th-15th, at Cross Insurance Center in Bangor.

Back in the day, Joey Lawrence was a pretty big deal. He was on the hit show "Blossom", he had a couple hit singles, and more than likely on a poster on
your bedroom wall, Her was quite the teen idol in the 90's. He also starred in the sitcom "Melissa & Joey"

This weekend, it’s Time for some "Brotherly Love" because Joey will be joined by Matt and Andrew Lawrence, appearing on Saturday and Sunday.

Matthew Lawrence is known for his roles in Mrs. Doubtfire and Boy Meets World. Lawrence also starred in the series Brotherly Love with his real-life brothers Joey and Andrew.

Andrew Lawrence is an American actor, singer, podcaster and filmmaker. He is known for his roles as Andy Roman in Brotherly Love, and T.J. Detweiler in Recess.

They will also be doing a group panel and solo and a brotherly love Photo op as well. You can get those tickets for this fun event here

Also, if you are a fan of the iconic TV show Sons of Anarchy, this is shaping up to be an epic mini reunion, with former cast members Ryan Hurst, Theo Rossi and Emilio Rivera all making an appearance. So if you want a photo with Opie, Juice and Alvarez, you will get your chance this weekend!

There is something for everyone at Bangor Comic & Toy Con.

    • Celebrity Guests
    • Comic Creators
    • Vendors
    • Artists
    • Gaming
    • Photo Ops
    • Panels

There will be over 100 vendors and artists, fun events, including Bangor escape rooms, and make sure you swing by the Winterhouse booth for all your gaming needs. They will be offering free play, virtual reality and more. Oh, and there is a live podcast going all weekend long.

Special VIP ticketing is limited to 300. Kids 4 and younger get in free. You can get your tickets here

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