After many long weeks in the Maine woods, the final episode is here!

The latest episode of Surviving Maine is the 14th, and last one of the season. Titled "Set In Stone", the grand finale concludes as the last player is voted out of the game and the final three battle it out for the title of sole Survivor.

The final four immunity challenge involves multiple puzzle pieces that build a ladder that the contestants climb to retrieve a key that will lead one player to victory.

After a tribal council, Jazzy is eliminated and gets the boot, the jury has a chance to speak, then the remaining three face the final tribal council. It all comes down to Tony, Cameron and Brandon, who in the end, comes out victorious as the winner of Surviving Maine!

And of course, there is a podcast that breaks down the final player voted out before the final three faced tribal.

"Surviving Maine" is a fan-made live reality game that occurs in the Maine woods. Contestants will outwit, outplay and outlast to become the sole survivor. Yes, this obviously has many comparisons to the famed CBS show, but also has a distinct Maine flavor to it.

Now with the pandemic almost in the rearview mirror, a new Surviving Maine season will be here before you know it, so if you enjoy this fun show, you can help them out on their a GoFundMe page.

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